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10 Panoramic Places to Visit in Spiti

The best time to visit the cold yet stunning desert of Spiti is between June to September when the weather temperature remains a comfortable 25 degree celsius on an average. While we cannot really emphasize more on the enthralling experience you could have, we have managed to contain our excitement for this place to the absolute ten places that you […]

Must visit places in Ladakh

Needless to say, Ladakh is on the list of every Indian traveller. The sheer enchanting beauty of nature, the thrilling adventures, and the people and culture, everything makes Ladakh worth all the hype it gets. Standing tall at a height of 3,540 meters above sea level, the Himalayan territory boasts of beauty with elegant palaces, mountains, and lakes. Pangong Lake: […]


When we travel, food and local cuisines form a part of our bucket list. Ladakh is one of the most sought-out destinations in the country and if you haven’t ticked off every item in the ‘local foods to try in Ladakh’ list, what have you done? However, the place is known for its innumerous exceptional dishes, quite enjoyable in the […]


As much fun it is to visit Ladakh, a wonder of nature in the laps of the Himalayas, which has the highest motorable roads in the world, it can also be that tiring, sickening and dangerous. If you are a regular mountaineer or have experience living in a cold climatic condition, you would know what to expect. However, if you […]